Sunday, 23 September 2007

Lighting-up Time

Recent events in my life have made me think about taking up the smoking arts once again. I've forgotten exactly when it was I threw the last empty Marlboro packet in the fire, but it's within a timeframe that means that I'm still hesitating as I buy a paper and see the ranks of cardboard boxes whispering at me 'Go on. The odd one won't do any harm'. Of course it would, which is why I gave up in the first place. Not because of hectoring Government advice, the Tobacco Police or being patronised by ASH. And certainly not because of the heinous demands that have been forced on a totally legal product in terms of on-pack health warnings and lurid pictures of strangers' diseased offal. I almost lit up again on the 1st July when smoking was banned in pubs, another bullying directive based on extremely suspect science. But if I do succumb (and I hope I don't) then I want it to be a totally subversive activity. Putting untipped cigarettes into one of my collection of empties, (Gold Flake or Capstan Full Strength favoured) driving at night to an isolated country church and exhaling blue smoke out amongst the branches of a graveyard yew. Just to make some obscure point.


Toby said...

Good for you. I'm going to start hoping IT will all dovetail neatly in at the end. Just think of it. My lungs have benifitted from 53 smoke free years. If I start smoking heavily now they'll be shagged by the time I'm 100. Perfect. Find fault in that theory Health Minister.

Ron Combo said...

Dead right. I gave up for five years once, and still managed to start again. Hmm, this time I had my last Italian State monopoly fag some three years ago...maybe it's time to get stuck in again. Place I was at yesterday they were smoking Old Holborn rollies. Lovely.

Philip Wilkinson said...

Drivers beware: the latest of edition of the Highway Code (out today), advises us that smoking while driving constitutes a distraction. An Englishman's car is no longer his castle.

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