Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Unexpected Alphabet No.22

Thinking about all this water, water, everywhere; and its attendant miseries, I thought we ought to have something much brighter and summery to look at. So rummaging through last year's pictures I came across this. Irresistible, obviously. From what I remember, the lettering is beautifully ticked-in (as signwriters say) along the jib of a big mobile crane used to hoik boats in and out of Oare Creek at Faversham in Kent. All around here is a wonderland of the things we like: boat hulls, maritime detritus, rusting containers. Let's hope the sun starts to shine on Faversham and everywhere else very soon, and for longer than five minutes.


Philip Wilkinson said...

Very nice. I like those narrow cross-bars. And the red is very cheery. Keep em coming.

Sue said...

Yup, love the primary colours.

Peter Ashley said...

Yes Sue, I think someone had very thoughtfully put that yellow crane there just for me.