Monday, 30 November 2015

Railway Echo No.15

Last week I tipped up at one of my favourite railway stations, Cromford in Derbyshire. It simply reeks with atmosphere, reached up a quiet lane and positioned immediately before a tunnel entrance.The only sound was an approaching East Midland train making its way up to Matlock from Derby, and once its diesel throb had been lost in the maw of the tunnel silence descended once again. Built around 1860 for the Midland Railway, there is more than a splash of elegance about it. Quite possibly it was designed by G.H.Stokes, an assistant to Joseph Paxton who transformed Chatsworth's gardens and designed the 1851 Crystal Palace.

The main building is the usual Midland staple with stone walls and painted valances, but over the classic latticed footbridge is a remarkable waiting room with diamond paned windows, a steeply pitched roof and a gabled steeple of a turret. Probably the result of a French building Stokes had seen on the Continent. Certainly the house up above is like a mini chateau, and even more amazingly this was the station master's house. Oh how times have changed; the Acme Thunderer whistle blew long ago for such things, even on station masters. But perhaps we may occasionally see a steam locomotive rumble loudly into view from the tunnel, as in the 1910 photograph above.

Back in 1995 the location was used for the cover of the Oasis single 'Some Might Say', the first of their output to be top of the Hit Parade for them. They were booked to shoot the video for it here but Liam didn't turn up so it never happened. (That's him on the footbridge.) Both 'chateau' and waiting room (actually two rooms, one for women, one for men) have been very sensitively restored and the latter is available as a self-catering holiday let. Do guests wake in the night and look out through a diamond pane to see an indistinct figure waving a lantern on the footbridge and crying out sepulchrally "Look out below!".


Gawain said...

Or indeed, to see an unkempt and shambling spectral monobrowed figure brandishing a roll-up and yelling "When's the shoot happening, Noel, you f***er?"?

Lovely buildings indeed.

Peter Ashley said...

That's how it would be Gawain. My eldest son said that it was amazing that Liam turned up for anything.

Philip Wilkinson said...

What amazing pointy roofs this station has. No wonder Oasis chose it as a location. Are there other like this in the area or is it a one-off?

Peter Ashley said...

As far as I know Phil this is unique. Plenty of French influence elsewhere on ststions though. I particularly like Eastbourne with its very continental turret clock and a big curvy fishtail tiled dome.