Thursday, 16 February 2017

Film Fun

First thing, this is in Wales not England. But having re-discovered the original transparency I had to share it with you. In 2004 I was working on the book to go with the second BBC Restoration television series. I went everywhere from a salt works in Cheshire to a gaol in Armagh, and must be the only person who has ever been to the Orkneys by ship just for an afternoon. (Apart from the crew, obviously.) But that's another long-winded story. I had the immense privilege of seeing things few people will see, mainly because all the buildings shown would've benefitted greatly from the exposure and been 'restored'. 
    I do hope this collage of film posters and star pictures is still on the wall of  a back room in the Celynen Working Men's Institute and Memorial Hall in Newbridge, Caerphilly. Celynen had a large coal mine that employed over 1,700 men who produced around 10,000 tons of coal a week. This was the centre of their relaxation, opened in 1908, and by the early 1920s boasted a dance floor, cinema and theatre. So the films would have arrived with their posters, and I like to think of a movie buff snipping pictures from magazines and creating this collage over the years. Although I can't help wishing that the Casablanca poster, and one (out of shot) for The Ladykillers had been kept intact and hidden up in the projection room which I also photographed, complete with the spare bulbs for an immense projector. 


Philip Wilkinson said...

Those images must have been memory triggers for people visiting the institute who'd seen Casablanca in 1942 or The Love Lottery in 1954, or whatever. Now they're memory triggers for us, who first saw this collage of posters and images in 2004. And so it goes on.

Jon Dudley said...

'Found' Art. Lovely.

John Simlett said...

Just found your blog by accident. It's brilliant!

Peter Ashley said...

Welcome John to the highways and byways of Unmitigated England. I hope you enjoy the excursion!

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