Sunday, 14 May 2017

Grass Collection

Oh no, another collection started this morning. I always used to wonder about these grass triangles, usually at T-junctions out in the country. My suspicions were confirmed some time ago when I read about grassy triangles in the essential England in Particular by Sue Clifford and Angela King. It's really very simple. There's an area that gets missed by turning traffic, and they've been with us for centuries.So the grass continues to grow and when roads were first metalled they were quite substantial and so got left to their own devices, Which usually means a haven of wildflowers until council contractors mow them down like here.
    Often they will have a signpost on them, this one between Medbourne and Hallaton in Leicestershire has one obscured in the hedge on the left. This is on my school run, and last week we had to divert because the lane down into the village of Blaston was being re-surfaced, but it did mean that this morning I could get a shot of the junction with its pristine new road markings. One T-junction near us in the opposite direction at Othorpe is busier, so the first gravelly signs of a triangle here are not allowed to grow because the whole thing gets re-surfaced regularly. Maybe I should go and chuck some soil and seeds down there and see what happens, but the size of tractor tyres round here would soon send my effort to oblivion.


Philip Wilkinson said...

There's a triangle near us that has gradually eroded into a blob as the tarmac has invaded it.

Peter Ashley said...

I also imagine some traffic movements created even larger triangles that eventually became village greens.

bazza said...

This is a common sight in English country lanes but something I find attractive. Also the green triangles can vary quite a lot in size. I wonder if it's something uniquely English or British?
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Unknown said...

I've never considered their origins and now I'm looking out for them. The junction of Beacon Road and the B5350 Nanpantan to Copt Oak Road (Bess Bagley junction) has recently been much opened out to improve visibility. It is so wide now that they have actually painted in a triangle with white hatch markings; the latest incarnation.

Peter Ashley said...

Keep on triangulating lads!

Stephen Barker said...

Now that Leicestershire County Council has reduced the amount of money it spends on road maintenance you can see which bits of the road are not driven on by the accumulation of grit, earth, weeds and litter thrown up by vehicles from the main driving area.

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