Monday, 30 July 2007

The Rattlesden Straw Man

There's something about scarecrows. And I don't really mean those made with Scarecrow Festivals in mind, but the genuine article, made from throw-aways in the farmer's wife's charity bin bag in order to earn their keep out in the fields. This particularly fine, if slightly sinister figure (aren't they all, actually) is working guarding a field of peas near Rattlesden in West Suffolk. I think he's quite upper crust for a scarecrow, with his sports blazer and white trousers. At night he (I'm assuming a male, but you never really know) perhaps shuffles off to a Scarecrow Regatta in the moonlight, other compatriots moving silently past the dark oaks at the edges of cornfields. Much like the figures in Richard Eurich's painting Men of Straw.

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