Saturday, 30 April 2011

Unexpected Alphabet No 16

Well, what a day. Everything from the High Victorian visions in Westminster Abbey- red uniforms and internal green trees like it must have been inside the Great Exhibition of 1851- to our village hall with a party for the children- miniature sausage rolls and My Boys (and others, it has to be said) taking it in turns to wear my giant tea cosy that's shaped like a muti-coloured crown. And this sponge cake emblazoned with stencilled castor sugar (I think). It was a little thing, and I expect there were a few thousand like it up and down the bunting-ed and beflagged streets of the nation, but this was one of ours. I loved it all, the care and precision of everything from a military epaulette to a flag stuck in a cake. "I was glad", as Hubert Parry had it for everyone in the Abbey, but particularly for that stunning processing bride. God bless 'em.


Bucks Retronaut said...

I surprised myself, and liked it a lot,too.
Especially the stroppy little bridemaid who couldn't be doing with all the noise.(Just like my wife when she was that age.)
Could have wished that Wills had driven the Aston with his right elbow on the top of the driver's door,and warmed the rear tyres just a leetle.....! All that open road to play with...!
Felt sorry for Charles as the Phantom (the car,the car!)did look dated and a bit Ancien Regime.And the State Barge needed a Royce grille.
Bentleys are for Le Mans,doncherknow !
Still,mustn't carp...The Old Firm did us proud.


Peter Ashley said...

Ah yes, the Phantom VI. Loved it, especially with its big don't-mess-with-me headlamps. But I once had the undoubted honour and chance of doing some close-ups of the State Bentley, and have to say I loved that too.

Martin H. said...

The whole thing was utterly splendid. We do do this kind of thing awfully well, don't we?

I would have enjoyed a bit more commentary from inside the Lancaster, but perhaps there were technical problems.

Bucks Retronaut said...

Yes,we tend to do "technical problems" quite well much so that the role of the Gifted Amateur or Gentleman Player is enshrined in our national psyche.
Otherwise the Phantom and Bentley would probably have been Mercs or somesuch, which John le Mesurier wouldn't have liked at all.
Must admit however to a sneaking regard for my old Honda trials bike which NEVER failed to start,unlke the Royal Enfield.
Couldn't actually love it though.

Cue Anne Shelton: "Coming in On a Wing and a Prayer"!

Wartime Housewife said...

The lettering on the sponge cake was done with icing sugar and I agree, was utterly spendid. I had an interesting conversation with an elderly lady about whether we should tax people for having too many children.

I thought the whole thing was fabulous - I could watch it all over again.

Ron Combo said...

It was a splendid thrash wasn't it? Watching it on Italian television was interesting, all they could talk about mostly was whether the bride or her sister had had their nose or breasts or chin or bottom modified. said...

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