Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Find The Fault No 16


CMS said...

MMmmm. Gravity-defying sand, I think. And maybe an inappropriate representation...?

Philip Wilkinson said...

Indeed, in Unmitigated England, sand does seem to have magical powers.

(By the way, before we all get distracted on other matters, when you tried to swivel the glass around, wouldn't it bump into the figure?)

Peter Ashley said...

You're right CMS, of course. The card says: "Sand could not run from upper half as illustrated. And how nice to hear from Manchester so early! Diplomat must be on holiday.

And yes Philip, that swivelling just wouldn't swivel.

CMS said...

Morning! It's my very first 'find the fault' so I'm quite pleased. These early mornings in the rain must be good for me.

office pest said...

Doing the cooking on the kitchen floor? It's a magical kitchen indeed. A nice sky-blue Formica topped table is what's missing here.

Peter Ashley said...

Oh Formica. Can you still get it? When I was about 12 I had a dream that involved Our Queen. I won't go into details, but the one thing that really stuck in my mind was that we had breakfast at a yellow Formica-topped kitchen table. Prince Philip did a fry-up with his guardsman's braces hanging down.

CarolineLD said...

I'm intrigued by the perspective - or maybe that door is just tiny.

Peter Ashley said...

You're right Caroline. It really does look, as Office Pest has noted, that the cooking is about to commence on the floor. What else explains what looks like the full length of the pantry door? Pantry. We don't hear that much these days do we. "Fetch me a pint of lard from the pantry".

Circe said...

Wow, come on over to my kitchen, Peter. Plenty of formica here, and yes, a good sized Pantry. Hourly called a pantry. We don't call it a larder, however; no lard in there, but all the other lipids are stored on the pantry floor, as it's coolest there! Still, we try not to do our food prep on the floor...

Yes, the figure is definitely inappropriate, in that retro way. And it also seems to be missing a nose. It has very short hair and looks boyish in the face at a glance, but has a markedly feminine full billowy look to the bosom... at least on one side.

http://www.formica.com/ Perhaps not the formica you're looking for, Obi-Wan.

Peter Ashley said...

Thankyou Circe. I've been on Formica's UK site and found that not only do they still do stuff much as I remember, but still have the same 'F' logo. And they do samples, but I'm not going get distracted down that particular byway.

Diplomate said...

i think it'd be safe to say we're on the table here, albeit chequered (i do hope not by individual "tiles" of formica, that would leave desperately unhygenic joints for the pastry etc to occupy) that'll be a cupboard door, shame he's not gone for utility kitchen furniture of which I know many UE followers will be fans, the drop down top which makes that lovely grating slidy sound as the handy work surface is lowered into position. Now to the point - no need to tell you that the "egg timer" is merely a distraction. It can spin alright, Sambo's arm is extended far enought to ensure this. This centrifuge ( fed via a delivery drilling through the spindle) is used for de-airating (or compressing) powdered ingredients, this is a Northern concept employed to ensure a sturdy (if not stodgy) consistency to baked goods. I can only assume the slight uneveness of delivery to each end is caused by a blockage in the central disc-valve distributer. At last we come to the fault - I would suggest the vibration caused by this dynamic imbalance would have shaken Sambo's arm off - knowing our friend's style though, it is just possible he's allowed for this by feeding ingredients of differing densities in to the system in time with the disc-valve porting to produce an asymetrical volume whilst maintaining the balance of mass. One way or another the fault is with the artist again.

Peter Ashley said...

Thankyou Diplo.

Bucks Retronaut said...

Seems our little friend-of-colour is a touch white around his starboard gills.And yes Circe,I reckon he has had some 'work done' as they say..
I do hope he`s not trying to jump on a media bandwagon and capitalise on recent sad events in Los Angeles.
That would be just too tasteless.

Affer said...

Is the man holding the glass thing from the Mbuti tribe of small (formerly known as 'pygmy') people? If so, I believe his Human Rights may have been breached - AND there is no Certificate of Food Hygiene on display.

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