Friday, 29 January 2016

Canvas & Aluminium

This morning the last Land Rover ran off the production line at the Solihull works. So we’re regaled by journos talking about the Land Rover Defender being born in 1948. No it wasn't. As you all know I was born in 1948 along with the Land Rover. (Are you really sure? Ed.)The Defender came much later after the Series 2. Anyway, farewell. And thanks again to Toby Savage who is amongst a very elite group that knows everything about the wonderful original, and indeed allowed me to photograph his 1948 model for the Shire book cover above. He is probably sitting at his kitchen table now, with head in his hands and fist closing round a starting handle.

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Setphen Barker said...

It may be the last Land Rover Defender, but I am sure they will be producing something else. If not what will the British Army be driving?