Friday, 14 September 2007

Beach Life No.1

So we come to the end of summer. Buckets and spades hung up in the beach hut, the Primus stove put back on the garage shelf as autumn winds sigh through the marram grass. I love the make-do-and-mend atmosphere of beach architecture, the vulnerability, the feeling that it might just not be there anymore when we return next year. I think this is because the bungalow we stayed in at Anderby Creek in Lincolnshire ended up on the front page of the Daily Sketch in 1953, leaning over a sand dune like a nervous diver about to plunge into the sea, a casualty of the East Coast floods (albeit a survivor). Here in Old Hunstanton the sea gives back more than it takes. The original coastline was right back where the pines silhouette the skyline in their truly North Norfolk fashion, and successive rows of beach huts mark the progression of subsequent shores. The next line of defence can be seen in the dunes building up in front of the latest huts.


beachhutman said...

Anderby Creek to Mablethorpe next weekend is the focus for a beach hut festival called Bathing Beauties(google it - should work)

I'm going most of the events are at Mablethorpe though I think.

I do a beach hut website,

I hope you like it, but it is not exactly from your area.

Peter Ashley said...

Thankyou Beachhutman, I liked your website very much.