Friday, 13 May 2011


Jonathan Meades once wrote that I had an eye for 'wonky cricket pavlions' and he's right. Compiling photographs for a Leicester project I learnt in my local that Leicestershire County Cricket Club once played on a ground just off the Aylestone Road before finding their current permanent home at Grace Road. They did, from 1901 to 1939. 399 first class games were played here, including matches against the touring sides of Australia, West Indies, India and New Zealand. Being next to the power station, it was then used by the 'Leccy' (electric) board, and indeed it is still the home of the Leicester Electricity Sports Cricket Club. I was not a little alarmed to see Persimmon Homes' flags fluttering on the boundary fence, but on presenting myself at the 'marketing suite' was told by a delightful girl that the ground was safe. Later I discovered that there is to be some development of the outfield, and although it will be smaller it is planned that this should be one of the finest cricket 'squares' in the country. Persimmon are going to take the wonkiness out of the pavilion, and club members will see to the inside. So that's alright then, and very fitting, considering W.G.Grace once played here.


OutaSpaceMan said...

My introduction to the world of intimate relationships happened in a wonky cricket pavilion.
Shortly afterwards the pavilion underwent extensive renovation.

Fortunately I've lived long enough to see the Max Pullen Sports Pavilion return to it's former pleasingly wonky aspect.

O.S.M. B:53
(I wonder where F.P. is now?)

elegancemaison said...

Hahaha Outa_Spaceman - your experience reminded me of the old joke: Headmaster to school assembly, " Own up who left a prophylactic in the pavilion last night?" " Please sir what's a pavilion?"

Cooks Lane Herbs said...

Is that the Wickets development? Truly, truly appalling looking homes. But I'm glad the ground is safe, if only in part.

Peter Ashley said...

It is indeed the mediocre Wickets development.