Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Country Life

Sorry to have been off air for so long, but this will, I hope, be the start of a return that heralds more over Christmas. My lodge keeper at Ashley Towers couldn't wait to get on her Rudge bicycle in order to bring this message up from the gatehouse. Oh how we laughed over our slices of Colston Bassett Stilton and tumblers of vintage port. Me even more so as I watched her unsteady retreat back down the drive in the glowing afternoon light.


lewiecaw said...

I shall certainly delight in attending Slawston Carol Service this year, not so much on account of the pleasure afforded by myself (and the entire congregation) by my own lusty rendition of 'We Three Kings' as the fact that I have always been particularly partial to Braised Shrew Pie. (You might just ask them on my behalf to please not remove the gizzard and giblets.)

lewiecaw said...
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Philip Wilkinson said...

I just can't get my staff to eat vole...

Zephyrinus said...

I just leave these things to Cook.

So much easier, don't you think ?

Peter Ashley said...

Welcome all. It all reminds me of Betjeman's Church Mouse poem.

S.P.Moss aka Sue said...

No wonder that people outside our fair land think we're bonkers. Happy to eat Toad in the Hole and Spotted Dick but get all queasy about Mice Pies!

Stephen Barker said...

In the crime novel 'Burgler in the Library' by Lawrence Block set in upstate New York where the action is set in a country hotel by English owners. One character asks what is Bubble and Squeak, to which the reply is it is the noise the Toad makes as it is pulled from its Hole.

For a light hearted read over the festive season in front of a roaring fire I strongly recommend it.

Peter wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas, I will no doubt see you at the book fair on the 29th in Harborough.

Unknown said...

Love it Mr.A. The typography is inspired too.

I hope that Ashley Towers rings to the sound of merriment and laughter as the children excitedly unwrap their Meccano Number 1 Constructor sets, whilst the adults sip contemplatively on a glass of Wincarnis as the bars of the Dimplex electric fire scorch their shins. Whatever happened to chilblains?

A very jolly time to you and yours - indeed to all the Followers of Ashley.

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