Monday, 18 September 2017

Cheese Boards

Two very satisfying books to look out for. Produced by the English Country Cheese Council, and published by Harrap's in 1957, they are small but very tasty. John Arlott and Ambrose Heath write so well about what is so obviously a great passion, and photographer John Adriaan shoots scrumptious still lifes with appropriate set dressings. A hunting print sits on the wall behind a proper Red Leicester; an oil lamp, apples and walnuts accompany a Cheddar so big it would keep you going until well past Christmas. There are notes on serving and storage and what to drink with them, and these brilliant period pieces are rolled from the presses of the inimitable W.S.Cowell in Ipswich. Time I think for a decent wedge of Stilton (Colston Bassett), a stick of celery and an Adnams Broadside.

And I've just noticed that curious striped effect on the left hand cheese. It's not a new strain of Cheddar, but the result of my negligence in not taking the clear film cover off the jacket.


Zephyrinus said...

Riveting Article, Peter.

Reading that made me peckish and I had to raid "The Pantry".

I also note that you and I have the same Dinner Plates Set.


Sheer Class.



Peter Ashley said...

Yes Zeph, good old Willow Pattern. And one of the plates will soon be supporting a wedge of Colston Bassett.

Bureboyblog said...

Abbott Ale is my passion since a callow yoot but a goood Broadside will do. If Greene King had Adnam's design genius...

Peter Ashley said...

Adnams certainly know how to turn out correctly. Very refreshing when you see what some idiot has done to destroy the Marstons brand.

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